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Refinance Wizard

Refinancing can save you thousands and maybe years off your home loan to help you achieve freedom from the banks sooner. The average loan is refinanced every 4 years at present to take advantage of new innovative products, lower interest rates, equity release and even better customer service. Refinance Wizard can assist you to navigate the home loan maze and make the journey less stressful.

Refinance Wizard – Path to Financial Freedom

Are you tired of paying more than you should for your home loans? Are you annoyed and frustrated looking for better deals? Refinance Wizard is here to help. We are your trusted mortgage brokers in Sydney, helping you navigate the complex network of refinancing so you can secure a better rate, reduce your monthly payments, and achieve financial freedom, and that too, at no cost.

Why Refinance?

Refinancing is the process of securing a better deal from a new lender to pay off your existing loans and benefit from the new terms. Depending on your specific needs, refinancing can help you:

Free extra cash for other needs and obligations.

Consolidate your debts to take advantage of reduced interest rates and pay off your liabilities faster.

Release equity from home and use it for renovations, invest in another property, or embark on a long overdue holiday.

Substitute your existing loan with a better product that helps you realise your financial goals.

Our Specialized Refinance Services ?

At Refinance Wizard, we offer many refinancing solutions that best align with your goals. Our renowned refinancing services include :

keys to first home buyer

First Time Home Buyers

We help first-time home buyers overcome the stress and confusion associated with the property market. We discuss your needs, explain the different loan products (including government grants) and payment structures, liaise with lenders, secure approval, and handle all the paperwork on your behalf.

investment property

Investment Property Loans

Whether you are a first-time buyer, want to refinance, or upgrade to another property, we help you secure the best deal. We assess your financial situation and requirements, offer personalised deals, liaise and source the best deal from our panel of over 40 lenders, and provide periodic reviews on your deals.

home loan deposit with clock showing time running out

Loans for Home Renovation

A loan for home renovation can cost you a fortune, and you certainly would want to avoid financing it using an expensive financial product. We help you assess your home's equity, discuss your renovation needs, research and offer the best deals, liaise with lenders and get approval, provide a breakdown of the loan structure, and manage all the paperwork for you.

Debt Consolidation

We help you consolidate your existing liabilities in one place so you can save money for your other needs. We provide comprehensive guidance on your borrowing capacity, different loan products, their breakdown, and repayment structures. We liaise with lenders to get you the best deal and manage all the paperwork so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Stop dreaming about what your life could have been with more money. Contact us today for refinancing investment property loans and make your wishes come true. Remember, our services don’t cost you a cent, but they help you save a fortune.

Unlock Financial Freedom with Consolidation for Personal Loan and Refinance Your Mortgage

Are you feeling weighed down by multiple high-interest loans and a mortgage that’s draining your finances? It’s time to take control of your financial future and breathe easy with personal loan consolidation and mortgage refinancing. At Refinance Wizard, we’re here to guide you on the path to financial freedom.

this is the best mortgage broker sydney

Personal Loan Consolidation: Simplify Your Debt Management

Managing many personal loans may be daunting, particularly when each loan has its distinct interest rate and payback schedule. Our loan consolidation service enables you to consolidate your obligations into a single loan, facilitating the management of your money. Through loan consolidation, you may get a decreased interest rate, lowering the total expense of your debt. This results in a more significant portion of your diligently earned funds remaining in your possession on a monthly basis. Furthermore, by making a solitary monthly payment, you will be relieved of the burden of managing various due dates and the concern of overlooking any payments.

rental house: rent vs buy

Refinance Your Mortgage: Save on Your Home Loan

Your mortgage is likely the most significant financial commitment you have. Refinancing your mortgage through Refinance Wizard can lead to substantial savings. We'll help you refinance your mortgage to meet your financial objectives. Refinancing might cut your monthly payments and interest rates or help you pay off your mortgage quicker. A prudent financial action that frees up cash for other critical bills or investments. RefinanceWizard is dedicated to assisting you in attaining financial tranquility by offering services for consolidating personal loans and refinancing mortgages.

Our proficient experts will collaborate with you to identify the optimal options customized to your distinct financial circumstances. Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to a brighter financial future.


Most frequent questions and answers
Refinancing is the process of taking out a home loan with another provider to repay your current home loan with your current mortgage provider. Changing home loans to provide a better solution to your needs. In the current market we advise our clients to get a quick home loan health check every 12 months to ensure that your current mortgage is still the right solution for you.
Depending on your specific situation and the reasons you would like to refinance, refinancing could save you money, put extra cash in your pocket, help pay down your loan faster, save you money by consolidating other debts.
Refinancing is now a reasonably simple process. During our consultation we will complete an assessment of your current position and what your requirements are. We then discuss potential products and lenders. Once you have decided on a lender we will complete an application for you and lodge your application with your chosen lender. The Lender performs their assessment, values your property and makes a loan offer. We at refinance Wizard take care of everything from application to settlement.
There may be costs such as government fees, application fees, discharge fees. We can advise you of the fees to make your decision easier.


What People Say

Have you ever experienced that nagging feeling that you are possibly not getting the best deal when it comes to your home loan payments? If you haven’t seriously reviewed your situation recently, say within the last 12 months, the chances are, your doubts may be justified.

In the competitive world of home loans there is a constant stream of new deals being made available, some of which may suit you far better than your current arrangement, and here at Refinance Wizard, based in Sydney, we can take all the hard work out of finding a better deal for you – and at absolutely no cost to you, either!

Refinancing is simply the process of finding a new lender who will offer you a better, or more appropriate deal, so that you can pay off your existing loans and enjoy the benefits of your new terms. It may be that you wish to reduce your monthly payments, putting extra cash in your pocket, to pay for a holiday, or home renovations. Or maybe you want to consolidate all of your debts, including personal loans and credit cards, or even to release some of the equity in your property or perhaps you are considering an upgrade to a new property? Equally, you may want to increase your payments and reduce the time required to fully pay off your loan, whatever the reason, we can be there to help.

With so many different lenders offering a multitude of deals, finding the right deal is time consuming and can become complex and frustrating which can easily result in discouragement and a lack of action. However, our team at Refinance Wizard have access to over 40 different lenders and have the inside line on all these deals, and once we have had a consultation with you, to accurately determine your needs and requirements, we take care of the rest of the process for you. We will scour all the available deals that may suit you and present these products to you in a manner that will help you make the correct decision as to which one to select. 

The process of securing a home loan, whether as a first-time buyer or as part of a refinancing package can be a fraught time for many – never ending forms to complete, sifting through reams of paperwork from lenders and banks, and unfamiliar vocabulary can all be too much of an obstacle. 

Happily, at Refinance Wizard, we are specialists in securing home loans and utilising our service can take all of the leg work and stress out of the process for you. Whatever reason you may have for a new home loan, releasing equity for home repairs, freeing up extra cash on a monthly basis by securing a preferential interest rate, paying off debts faster through consolidation, or if you are simply not happy with your current provider, we can help.

We will take the time to listen to your specific needs and then use our knowledge and expertise to search through the relevant products supplied by the 40 + lenders that we deal with, to present you with the best available options, from which you decide which suits you best. After that we take care of all of the tedious paperwork for you – and the upside is, that you as the customer do not have to pay us a cent – it’s totally free service for you, as the selected lender pays our fees.

If you are considering refinancing and you are in Paramatta, Penrith, Sutherland Shire, Epping, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Botony, Surry Hills, Rose Bay or North Sydney we are standing by to hear from you!

Once you have selected your new deal, we will complete all the necessary paperwork, from start to finish – and deal with all other 3rd party agencies on your behalf, making the whole process of refinancing as simple as it can possibly be for you.

As specialists in finding the right home loan for you, our service also extends to first time buyers, who may be understandably daunted by the prospect of securing their first mortgage. We can explain how the system works, explore your best options – based on your needs – and make the application for a loan for you, resulting in a pre-approval, which allows you to concentrate on finding your ideal property.

Refinance Wizard offer our refinancing service across Sydney, from Parramatta, Penrith, Liverpool, Epping, Botony and Rose Bay to North Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Campbell Town and Surrey Hills – your one stop shop for home loans.

As the cost of living continues to rise, and every indicator suggests that it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, Australian families begin to experience a reduction in their disposable income, with ever increasing payments on loans and mortgages eroding their spending power.

As an alternative to denying yourself some of the ‘luxuries’ in your life in order to make ends meet, refinancing may be the solution for you. Refinancing, in simple terms, is the process whereby you search for and take advantage of a loan, usually secured on your property, that offers you a better deal, with lower repayments than you are currently making. This is a common practice and is made possible by new deals becoming available due to competition in the financial market despite the rises in the RBA cash rate.

However, the process of finding and securing a better deal is loaded with red tape and paperwork, which may be an obstacle that prevents them exploring this opportunity. And if you fit into this category or simply do not have the resources or time to do so, then Refinance Wizard is here to help.

Our expert, independent and professional service can secure you a money saving deal – with absolutely no cost to you. We provide our refinancing service across Sydney, including Parramatta, Penrith, North Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Epping, Liverpool, Botany, Campbelltown, Surry Hills, Rose Bay and beyond.

Call us today for an obligation free chat to learn more about protecting your standard of living.

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